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We at Mt. Everest Kitchen are proud of our Nepali delicacies with authentic taste from top of the world. They contain the freshest prime quality meats and vegetables and tastes just like Nepali mum's cooking. We also take pride in serving authentic Nepali street food with no use of artificial or chemically enhanced thikeners or additives - only the best of herbs and spices availabe.

Please advice us if you have and allergies and we'll ensure your special dietary requriements are strictly adhered to.

Atithi Deva Bhawa     We love our guests

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  • Papadums

    2 pcs        $2.00

    4 pcs        $3.50

    Crisp lentils wafers

  • Samosa 2 Pcs

    Vegetable        $5.00

    Chicken           $6.00

    Potato, peas & herbs stuffed in pastry serve with chutney

  • Pakora 4 Pcs

    Onion Bhaji        $6.00

    Vegetables          $6.50

    Onion/vegetables battered in chickpea flour serve with chutney

  • Tikka 5 Pcs

    Paneer          $10.00

    Chicken        $11.00

    Paneer/Chicken marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in oven clay

  • Veg MO:MO (Steamed)

    Half Plate         $8.00

    Full Plate         $10.00

    Minced vegetable mixed with herbs and spices wrapped in pastry and steamed serve with sauce

  • Chicken MO:MO (Steamed)

    Half Plate         $9.00

    Full Plate         $12.00

    Minced chicken mixed with herbs and spices wrapped in pastry and steamed serve with sauce

  • Chili Chicken MO:MO


    MO:MO tossed in hot chili & sweet sauce with capsicum and onions

  • Jhol MO:MO


    MO:MO with tangy sesame soup with herbs & coriander

  • Chhoyela

    Chicken       $10.00

    Lamb           $10.00

    Spiced grilled chicken/lamb tossed with fresh tomato, onion, ginger, garlic and exotic herbs.

  • Sekuwa Poleko

    Chicken       $12.00

    Lamb           $12.00

    Smoked and grilled in oven clay, tossed with Himalayan herbs & spices.

  • Sukuti


    Buff Jerky toss with herbs & tomato in fry pan.

  • Mix Vegetables


    Bonanza of garden vegetables cooked in a traditional herbs & spices

  • Veg Vindaloo


    Bunch of vegetables cooked in vindaloo sauce

  • Palak Paneer


    Homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach & sauce

  • Karahi Paneer


    Spinach and Homemade cottage cheese cooked in sauce with onion and capsicums

  • Matar Paneer


    Homemade cottage cheese with green peas and sauce

  • Coconut Rice


    Rice tossed with coconut cream

  • Biryani

    Chicken/Lamb    $15.00

    Vegetable               $13.00

    Rice cooked with biryani masala, dried fruits & herbs

  • Thakali Khana Set (Veg. option available


    Rice, Nepalese Style Chicken, Achar, Papadums

  • Chowmein

    Chicken    $13.00

    Veg             $12.00

    Nepali noodles stirred fried with chicken/veg

  • Thukpa

    Chicken    $14.00

    Veg             $13.00

    Tibetan noodle soup

  • Lassi

    Plain         $3.50

    Mango     $4.50

    Sweetened/salted yoghurt drink

  • Nepali Hot Spicy Tea


    Organic Himalayan Special Tea with Herbs

  • Drinks

    Masala Soda      $4.00

    Any 1.25 ltr. Soft drink Coke, Fanta, Sprite      $5.00

    Any soft drink can      $3.50

  • Vindaloo


    Lamb/Chicken: A gaon medium to hot curry

  • Saagwala


    Lamb/Chicken cooked in spinach and herbs

  • Khasiko Masu


    Goat meat cooked with Nepalese herbs and aroma

  • Kukhurako Masu


    Chicken meat cooked Nepalese herbs and spices

  • Raita


    Grated cucumber and fried cumin seed in yoghurt

  • Himalyan Salad


    Fresh salad with aromatic herbs

  • Mint Sauce


    Yoghurt with dash of mint and spices

  • Contemporary Snacks

    Chips Bowl                           $5.00

    Veg Spring roll 6 Pcs         $5.00

    Fish and Chips                    $10.00

  • Nepali Khaja Set


    Set of Bhatmas sadeko, chhoyela, sukuti/bhuttan, fried chiura, aaluko achaar

  • Newari Khaja Set


    Bara, Chhoyela, Bhatmas sadeko, Alu bodi taama, fried chiura, achaar, salad

  • Taas


    Goat meat tossed fried in a pan accompanied with puffed rice, chutney and salad

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